Home Instruction
Academic Advantage can provide home instruction services for children
who may be temporarily unable to attend school due to illness or injury.  We
can provide instruction in all subject areas for the amount of time necessary
in order to keep up their work.

Year-Long Instruction
We can provide services in all subject areas for children whose parents
choose not to send their child to a formalized school setting.  We will follow
the curriculum necessary to meet the guidelines for home instruction within
your school district.  We will help guide the parents through the process that
allows your child to receive credit for an entire academic year.

School Vacations & Summer
On days where students are not in school as a result of vacations,
academic advantage can provide instruction to your child.  This service
could help your child with long-term projects and research assignments,
catch up on work they have missed or prepare for upcoming tests or work.

During the summer, many students have reading assignments, math
assignments or other academic work.  Academic Advantage can help
students with any assignment that they might need assistance.  It is also a
good idea for children to review their previous year's work in order to
prepare for the upcoming school year.   We at Academic Advantage can
keep your child in a learning mode as they enter their next grade level.

In some cases, students may need to attend summer school.  Academic
Advantage can work with your child's school system to help receive credit
for subjects through our tutoring program.
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Did you know that
recent research
shows that most
students can lose up
to 20% of what they
learned during the
previous school year
during the summer

Avoid these lapses by
tutoring throughout
the summer.