What Our Clients Have to Say

"Great experience over the last 18 months or so -  
Brian's grades went up, he learned to be more organized
(which was specifically something the tutor(s) worked on
with him). As a student with a very late diagnosis of ADD
(mid-junior year) the skills the tutors worked on with him
will be something he can carry forward to college."

"Jonathon loved Colin. He can't believe how much he
understood things once Colin explained them. Another
home run for your tutors!!! We are 4 for 4!!! I am so
pleased with your company and have referred others to
you...thanks again!!!"

"...His math average going into the final exam is 84.  
That is quite a turnaround.  I would like to thank you for
your help!"

"You have been a delight to work with (punctual and
thorough) and you really built [my daughter's] confidence
level in Algebra II...Hoping we can work together again in
the future."

"My son's tutor was terrific. She was patient and gave my
son the help that he really needed. She was always willing
to see him for extra sessions and on weekends if he
needed help with a project or studying. Thank you so
much, it really made a difference."

"The tutor you chose for my son is WONDERFUL!!  She's
smart, bright and personable.  He liked her instantly!  
She's patient and has a full understanding of  ADHD that
is so important to my son's education!  We will continue
to use Academic Advantage and hopefully [the tutor] as

"The service that we received was excellent...Academic
Advantage provided us with an evaluation from a reading
specialist that helped pinpoint the areas that needed help
and was given to the tutor to help provide better
services.  Due to this help, our daughter had a more
productive year in school and ended up in one of the
highest reading groups in her class."

"As a parent of a teenager who looks at me like I have 3
heads regardless of what I say; it was refreshing to have
someone else he could relate to.  Our tutor not only took
the time to relate to my son, she was able to "teach" him
in a way he could understand and then apply.  His
Algebra grade has gone from a D to a B-."

"When I started with you guys, I expected my 'F' student
to become a 'D' student.  Now I have a 'B' student
looking to become an 'A' student!"

"I would definitely use their services again for my other
children.  Extremely caring and supportive management
and tutors, both geared towards your child succeeding."

"I wish I had known about it [Academic Advantage] earlier
in the year!  I will definitely use the service again in the

"Rick really cares about the students he works with. He is
always looking for the right fit for each student. Academic
Advantage has a great team of tutors that can assist
students with individual SAT preparation and regular
classwork. I would highly recommend Academic
Advantage...it was very helpful for both of my
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