What Our Clients Have to Say

"Tom Pellegrino is amazing and we consider him part of
the family after 4 years tutoring our son.  He is simply
exceptional.  Kate tutored our son for this past year and
she is fantastic.  Academic Advantage has top notch
teachers and we could not be more fortunate to have
found your services."

"I wanted to send a note over to advise how grateful we
are to be working with Susan Castellone. She reached
out to me first to discuss my daughter and then made a
quick connection with her last week.  I was so happy to
see how much work they did yesterday from their
session and I look forward to seeing my daughter
succeed with the help of Susan!  This has been a long
road for us and finally she has a chance to shine again."

"Robyn [tutored my son] for his second attempt at the
Math SAT.  He just received his score and did much
better. His first Math SAT score was a 480, and on this
most recent test he received a score of 560!"

"I can not express the gratitude I feel towards what you
and your tutors do to bring about success for students.
When I saw my son in February, his self-esteem
plummeting, his grades following in that same path, and
his remarks about how dumb he is and how
'I will never
' coming from him was to say the least...     
heart-breaking. When Chris started working with Nathan
he always encouraged him, made him see and think
about something in a different way, and never gave up
on him. You have an incredible gift in this tutor. The smile
[on his face at graduation], and the diploma, was
through your dedication."

"I wanted to let you know that I was accepted into the
honors program at Boston College! Thank you so much
for all of your help with the college process."

"When I picked up my daughter today, she had a smile
on her face. Thank you! Victoria was helped immensely
with [your tutors'] expert tutelage! I would highly
recommend Academic Advantage and specifically Annie
and Marsha to any parent whose child is struggling with
any subject. Rick is a strong advocate for all students
and teachers in Rhode Island and is an asset to us all.
The staff is professional and courtous...I would highly
recommend and utilize their services again!"

"My son Nick never would have made it through Spanish
had it not been for the terrific tutoring. I will gladly
recommend Academic Advantage to others!"

"Marsha was great with my daughter. She provided the
help my daughter needed with homework assignments
each week and focused on improving her academic
performance. My daughter struggles with a learning
disorder, but Marsha was honest with me and easy for
my daughter to work with... Most importantly, my
daughter didn't mind going to her weekly sessions.
Thank you!"

"Thank you for arranging tutoring via Skype for my son
at Penn State! He and the tutor used it many times with  
GREAT success!"

"Thank you for helping my children improve their literacy  
skills. What progress they made, thanks to you!"

"I wanted to let you know that my daughter got an  
academic scholarship for Bay View. From what I
understand, they don't give many scholarships out and it
will help us immensely. I want to thank you and your
wonderful tutors for helping [my daughter] on her
academic journey in life. Your tutors have the love of
learning and reinforce that love while tutoring."

"Great response time when needed last minute for tests."

"I am very happy to be a part of Academic Advantage.
I just can't wait to tell the story about the confidence
you have given me since I began tutoring through your  
service. All I want to say is thank you from the bottom of
my heart!"

"We absolutely adore Corinne. She was very good with
my son...firm yet nurturing as his self esteem and self
confidence were at a particularly low point due  to poor
academic performance."

"Tiffany was great and my daughter really connected
with her. She was always patient and kind. Rick, thank
you for always responding so quickly and thoroughly to
all my questions and concerns."

"Terry was very accommodating and very helpful to us.  
We did not need his services for very long but would
definitely call again if we need tutoring services."

"Thank you for all you did...My son would not have
graduated from HS if not for Academic Advantage."

"We had a very positive experience with Academic
Advantage.  They worked with our crazy schedule well.  
My child had a good match with his tutor. It was worth  
the money."
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