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Does My Child Need to go Anywhere?
We can tutor your child in many convenient locations including, but not
limited to, your home, the local library or even at your child's school. It's
already stressful enough to find a tutor.  Why make it worse?

However, if you prefer to come to our office as a meeting place, you can do
that too!  We are conveniently located on Post Road in Warwick, RI near I-95
and Rt. 37.
When is Tutoring Available?
Tutoring is available year-round, seven days a week, from 8 AM to 8 PM.
How Do I Give My Child the Academic Advantage?
It's easy!  Just give us a call at (401) 921-5860 or click Contact Us to get in
touch with us today.  We will match up your child with the appropriate tutor.
Do I have to Make a Long-Term Commitment?
No.  We will work with your child for as long as you feel appropriate
progress is being made.  You may stop our services at any time.
What about Summer Programs?
We encourage students to enjoy the summer but at the same time we
believe that learning is a 12 month process. Academic Advantage can help
students catch up on material that was missed during the school year. We
also offer enrichment for students who want to move ahead in the fall.
During the summer, we have many high school students prepare for the
October SAT, and many elementary school students improve on their
reading comprehension skills with our guided reading program.
Is online tutoring available?
Yes! Online tutoring is becoming an important medium of instruction at
Academic Advantage. We offer tutoring sessions via Skype that many
students have used during their first few semesters away at college, or
when meeting up with a tutor directly was impossible. Earlier this year, the
state of Rhode Island began using Academic Advantage to tutor students
online in math, which will help them improve their PARCC scores.
Academic Advantage is now offering the ACADEMIC ADVANTAGE
that will allow your entire family to enjoy reduced rates on
tutoring, free consultations with academic professionals and guidance for
your child's individual academic path.