Preparing for College
Between standardized testing, letters of recommendation and
lengthy applications, the college process can seem extremely
Academic Advantage is here to help. Our expert tutors and
advisors have assisted college-bound students with everything
from standardized test preparation, to college advising and
completing applications. This organized and efficient approach
to the college application process has produced wonderful
results: past students with college prep help have been
accepted to Boston College, American University, Penn State,
URI, and Boston University, among many other well respected
universities. These services are available year round to all of
our students.

Please call our office for more information or to set up a
customized plan for your college-bound student.

Our College Preparatory Services:

Standardized Test Preparation: Our standardized test
preparation is conducted by tutors with extensive experience in
teaching overall testing strategy, time management, math and
verbal strategies and essay topic preparedness. We
offer preparation and sample testing for the PSAT, SAT and
ACT. Independent research studies have shown higher  
scores for students who prepare for these exams in advance.

College Advising: Is your student ready for college but not
sure where to apply, how to apply and when applications need
to be submitted? Academic Advantage is here to help you with
the advising process. A consultation with our highly qualified
and experienced counselor will assist your child in selecting  
the perfect school based his or her qualifications, interests and
specific skill sets.  

College Essay Advising: A unique, creative and well written
college essay is the number one factor that separates your
application from thousands of other qualified applicants.
Brainstorm potential essay topics, edit and revise drafts, and
seek advice and criticism from experienced writers and
advisors, before submitting a college essay that is nothing less
than stellar.

Application Assistance - Common App and More:
Completing college applications can be more stressful than
waiting for a decision. Academic Advantage offers support and
guidance for students during the application process and can
assist college-bound students in keeping track of deadlines
(especially those applying Early Decision or Early Action),
making sure materials such as recommendation letters and
supplements are submitted on time, and providing a
comprehensive calendar to keep students organized and
eliminate any unnecessary stress!
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