In Mass.

Standardized testing is implemented at all levels of
education to establish a general level of understanding of
academic success and progress on a national scale. These
tests are lengthy; require acute mental focus, creative
thinking and experience with time management. Academic
Advantage provides standardized test preparation for
learners as young as kindergarten, to adults wishing to
acquire their GED. Our highly skilled tutors provide overall
test strategy, smart decision making for multiple choice
questions, essay question preparation and review, and
even offer sample tests to prepare for the full length exam.
Our preparation programs alleviate testing anxiety and
establish a state of mental preparedness. Research has
shown that those who prepare for standardized exams tend
to score higher than their unprepared counterparts. Ensure
your success and set up an appointment with us by calling
Rick at 401-921-5860.

We provide standardized test preparation for:
•        SAT
•        ACT
•        PSAT
•        ISEE
•        GED
•        PRAXIS
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